Boat Detailing Prices

Boat detailing is an important process that should be done on a regular basis. Each boat that leaves the boat docks needs to be carefully inspected. A quality boat detailing service will detail each boat they work on. You should have your boat inspected every two years or when you get a new one. Every boat that is used for water sports has to have a deep clean done on a regular basis. There are more than 3000 boat docks in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Every year, there are over 300,000 new boats built and sold. The boat industry has been popular in the United States for many years. Your boat will appear great if it is well maintained. One important aspect of proper care is boat detailing. Mobile marine detailing service in St. Petersburg, Florida can provide quality service and keep your boat in great condition.

Deep washing and cleaning are very important to the health of your motor vessel. This type of cleaning involves very high pressure water that has to be applied to the exterior of the hull to remove the oxidized paint and other contaminants. To do this type of cleaning requires specialized equipment. The price of deep washing or dry cleaning will depend on the size of your boat, the type of fuel used and the number of panels that need to be cleaned. Boat detailing prices will also depend on the number of meters or layers of film to be washed.

One other aspect of boat detailing involves removing wax from the hull surface and applying waxing products to remove corrosion and grease from the surfaces. Seats, decking, outboard engines, propellers and various components of the boat can be detailed by a professional boat detailer. You will have to consider the type of finish that needs to be applied to these areas. If you want to restore the original luster of the seats, you will have to apply a high-gloss wax that can be used on the seating surfaces and various fittings and trim.

Seats should be polished before they are detailed. Seats that have minor dents or dings can be sanded down and repolished before they are treated with wax or oil. It is important to consider the maintenance needed for boats that are over 15 years old because they may have incurred damage due to the effects of the sun and saltwater. If there are exposed nails and screws, these have to be removed and the boat detailing company will have to carry out the necessary repairs.

When you hire a professional boat detailing company, you are hiring a team of experts who can offer a wide range of services. The prices charged will depend on the type of services you require. Basic services may include polishing the sails and cleaning the cabin interior. The expert team can also advise you on the best way to remove various add-ons such as glass covers and seat covers.