How Good Signage Psychology Can Help Your Business?

The importance of good signage is becoming more evident by the day. It’s not only a necessary for advertising, but a must for people’s everyday use. There are many types of outdoor and indoor signs and it depends on your business type and budget as to which you will choose. Outdoor signs play a vital role in drawing people’s attention to your products and services. Read on to find out more about outdoor signage.

Outdoor signs come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They are an excellent method of branding your brand or promoting your company’s logo or message. Good signage is attention-grabbing visual points of information which can convey much in a small amount of space. Good signage is used by everyone, from passers-by on the street to corporate offices or restaurants. Outdoor signs designed to attract customers to a business often include graphics and pictures that help in initial impressions and attract the customer’s attention.

One of the reasons why signage is an important component of advertising is because it creates awareness of the product or service offered by a business. The person driving by sees the sign and is exposed to a visually stimulating graphic or image. This leads to the person’s cognitive thinking and associating the visual with the brand name or product. People react positively towards advertisements, especially those they have formed a personal connection with. Good signage psychology focuses on this process of making people feel good about being a part of the brand. Branding in this case is all about making consumers feel valued and appreciated for their purchase decisions.

Good signage psychology also incorporates the use of visuals and color in advertising. Colors used in signage should have a strong impact on the viewer’s emotions. If done well, these visuals can be instrumental in creating brand emotion and evoke the desired response. Images that instill images of beauty like nature or people are usually most effective.

Audiences also respond well to signs that include voices. Audiences like to identify themselves with characters and logos that they identify with. This makes them feel wanted and identified. Good signage psychology also makes use of images that depict happy, smiling faces of target audience members so that they are more comfortable making a buying decision. People will be more likely to make a buying decision when they feel that the business they are making a purchase decision at is worth the investment.

Good signage advertising can go a long way in helping businesses establish a brand image. Signage psychology applies these psychological principles in every aspect of the advertising process. The creation of an effective sign is just the first step. Creating an image or personality behind the sign and tapping into the target audience’s psychology is important. When done correctly, signage will create an emotional response in the target audience and this in turn can boost sales.